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Hemkund Gurudwara situated at an altitude of 4329 meters is the highest temples in India and highest Gurudwara in the world.
For seven months of the year from Nov to May, this 'lake of ice' is inaccessible, its water frozen

To local Hindus the lake is known as Lokpal, and there is a temple dedicated to God Lakshman, who, it is said, was brought to the shore of Lokpal after being mortally wounded in a battle with the son of Ravana and Hanuman was then able to find a life-giving herb from this valley.

As per Bachitra Natak, Guru Gobind Singh meditated here. The place is described as Hemkund Parbat Sapat Sring, the "lake of ice" "mountain" adorned with "seven peaks",
The first Sikh to pen his speculations about the nature and location of the Guru's tap as than was hagiographical writer Bhai Santokh Singh in his fourteen volume Sri Gur Pratap Suraj [Prakash] Granth.
Pandit Tara Singh Narotam, a nineteenth century Nirmala scholar, was the first Sikh to trace the geographical location of Hemkund. He wrote of Hemkund as one among the 508 Sikh shrines he described in Sri Gur Tirath Sangrah.
Sardar Sohan Singh, a retired granthi from the Indian army, found the place in 1934 and the first gurudwara was constructed in 1936.

Gurudwara Sri Hemkund Sahib : Set amidst towering snow-capped mountains and lying beside a lake of pristine blue water, the Sikh shrine of Sri Hemkund Sahib looks, even to the not-particularly-pious, a place of almost unbelievable beauty and peace. Seven peaks - known as the Sapt Sring- surround the shrine, looming over lush green pastures. The tenth and penultimate guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh ji, meditated for years in these mountains, finally leaving his earthly form and uniting with the Almighty. The star-shaped Gurudwara Sri Hemkund Sahib, at a height of over 4,000 mt, is as such, a memorial to Guru Gobind Singh ji and a reminder of the saint’s mission.

Gurudwara Sri Paonta Sahib : Surrounded by the Sal forest and on the bank of river Yamuna the historic town of Paonta Sahib was founded by the tenth Sikh Guru Govind Singh Ji. When only sixteen years old, the guru left Anandpur Sahib and on the invitation of Raja Maidini Prakash of Sirmour, lived at this beautiful place for over four years. The historic gurudwara commemorates his stay and interestingly the waters of the Yamuna fall silently below this -which happened at the Guru's behest. The word 'Paonta' means 'Space for a foot hold'.

Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib, Anandpur Sahib : A birthplace of the Khalsa, it was here on March 30th, 1699 Guru Gobind Singh baptized 5 Sikhs with amrit (sweetened water) stirred with his Khanda and called them his Five Beloved Ones and gave them the last name ‘Singh’ which means Lion. Guru Gobind Singh then humbly bowed before the Five Beloved Ones and asked them to initiate Him into the Khalsa Brotherhood.

Sri Harimandir Sahib, Amritsar : The Harimandir Sahib (meaning Temple of God) is also commonly known as the Golden Temple or Darbar Sahib (Divine Court). It is situated in the city of Amritsar in Punjab. The Golden Temple is a living symbol of the spiritual and historical traditions of the Sikhs. It is a source of inspiration for all Sikhs and their chief place of pilgrimage.

Day 01 : Drive from Delhi for Rishikesh in the morning, Reach Rishikesh in the afternoon, Dinner and night at Rishikesh.

Day 02 : After breakfast, drive for Joshimath, Lunch enroute at Indian restaurant. Reach Joshimath in the evening, Dinner and night at hotel at Joshimath.

Day 03 : After early breakfast in the morning, drive from Joshimath for Govind Ghat. Cars/Coaches will be parked here. After Darshan at Govindghat Gurudwara, start Trekking for Govind Dham / Ghangaria. Dinner and night at hotel at Govind Dham.

Day 04 : After Breakfast, start trekking for Hemkund Sahib, after Darshan, trek back to Govind Dham, Dinner and night at Govind Dham.

Day 05 : Morning, Trek down to Govind Ghat and drive to Joshimath. Dinner and Night at Joshimath Hotel.

Day 06 : Morning drive further down to Rishikesh. Dinner and Night at Rishikesh.

Day 07 : Morning relax and walk around Rishikesh. After an early Lunch, drive to Delhi.

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